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TEN 5-2421 Traco Power 1000pcs   New stock arrived!

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Output Voltage
±5 VDC
Output Current
500/500 mA
Power Rating
5 W
Number of Outputs
Input Voltage
18-36 VDC
Housing Type
Metal Case
Mounting Type
PCB Mount
Connection Type
THD (Through-Hole Device)
Footprint Type
31.8 mm
20.3 mm
10.2 mm
83 %
Maximum Temperature
85 °C
Minimum Temperature
-40 °C

The TEN 5 Series is a range of DC/DC-converter modules with wide input range of 2:1. State of the art SMD-technology guarantees a product with very high reliability and good cost /performance ratio. High efficiency allows an operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C. I/O isolation of 1’500 VDC together with conducted noise compliance to EN 55022-A and FCC, level A makes these converters ideal for a wide range of applications in communications, mobile battery powered equipment and industrial systems.

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