MZ6 Type PTC Thermistors For Electric Motor Protection

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MZ6 Type PTC Thermistors For Electric Motor Protection


MZ6 Type PTC Thermistors, as limit temperature sensors is for electric motor protection.The key technology was introduced from the United States of America in 1990s. Already has had more than 10 years' production experience. It is available for different products and also available for the over temperature protection on the main parts inside the electric motor. For example, the PTC Thermistors are embedded into the three-phase electric motor stator winding. When the temperature of stator winding of electric motor up to the insulation grade temperature of insulated material the resistance of PTC Thermistors will rise at the same time .And the signal is transmitted to the protector to switch off the current of electric motor and finally prevent the electric motor form being burned out .This way is widely used in the world.

It is fully compatible with TDK's B59300 series PTC thermistors and has better price and delivery time.


1.Accords with the international standard of DIN44081/DIN448082.

2. Fast reaction time

3. Long-term stability

4. Small size and easy installation(Chip size:1.8X 0.6mm)

5. There is no need to set the product after overheat protection

6. High reliability

3. Applications

l Thermal protection of winding in electric motors

l Limit temperature monitoring

4. Dimensions

5. COLOR CODING (For different temperature ratings)

Note: Yellow wires are used between adjoining thermistors.

6. Ordering information:

Ordering CodeTDK part numberTKR(TK-5K)R(TK+5K)R(TK+15K)
MZ6-100-DSB59300M1100A070100≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ
MZ6-110-DSB59300M1110A070110≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ
MZ6-120-DSB59300M1120A070120≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ
MZ6-130-DSB59300M1130A070130≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ
MZ6-140-DSB59300M1140A070140≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ
MZ6-150-DSB59300M1150A070150≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ
MZ6-155-DSB59300M1155A070155≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ
MZ6-160-DSB59300M1160A070160≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ
MZ6-170-DSB59300M1170A070170≤ 1650Ω≥ 3990Ω≥12KΩ

Notes for Mounting:

1. Insert wire in the winding wire slot of the motor, make it tidy, and then mount the PTC thermistorin the coil of the motor.

2. While mounting, do not hard beat or press the sensing area of the thermistor for fear that the internal precise structure of the product might be damaged.

3. While mounting, do not extremely hard pull the outgoing line of the product for fearthat the outgoing line might be pulled apart.

4. Before connecting, read the technical information about PTC temperature control module (the former GRB motor overheat protector) for fear that the thermistor might be damaged.

5. Securely connect the outgoing line in the specified connection position.

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