Traco Power new TCI series products

2024-02-23 18:14 Rightic

Traco Power new TCI series products

Adopting innovative hybrid shell design and partial encapsulation to meet the increasing demand from customers for fanless design, eliminating the limiting factors of conduction cooling power supplies and maximizing their full potential.


As a cost-effective cooling method for electronic systems and power supplies for many years, fans have increasingly exposed more common problems in practical applications. In recent years, the traditional passive cooling systems have been constantly emerging, but their effectiveness is greatly reduced when used with higher power systems, and they also have great limitations.


The innovative hybrid shell design and partial encapsulation of the TCI power series ensure that the metal shell can achieve the best heat conduction effect with any base plate/shell. Its special potting compound provides the same heat conduction effect for all components, which is difficult to achieve in traditional power supply designs. The TCI series, which combines the advantages of two types of enclosures, has excellent heat dissipation capabilities. Compared to traditional power supplies, it achieves a higher power level without a fan in the same form factor. When used in a conduction cooling environment, the TCI series can provide 80% to 100% of the rated maximum output power, truly achieving the ideal fanless application environment.

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