MZ6 Type PTC Thermistors For Electric Motor Protection

MZ6 Type PTC Thermistors is ideal for Electric Motor Protection. It is fully compatible with TDK's B59300 series PTC thermistors and has better price and delivery time.

KT-EX9-2 (9-axis MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit)

KT-EX9-2 (9-axis MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit)1. KT-EX9-2 is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) based on micromachining technology (MEMS). The system consists of a built-in three-axis MEMS gyrosc...

Traco Power new TCI series products

Traco Power new TCI series products Adopting innovative hybrid shell design and partial encapsulation to meet the increasing demand from customers for fanless design, eliminating the limiting facto...